Content Marketing

Attract your customers with powerful stories

We create quality content to seduce your customers. Good stories still fascinate us. They are the ones that will attract your potential clients and will nourish them in the buyer-final purchase buyer journey. But not all the content is valid. Each company needs a differentiated content strategy, depending on the state in which your buyer is located.

Useful content for your buyer persona

With constantly updated content, people can find you whenever they look for information related to what you offer online. The purpose is to educate and attract them to your website. For this, we must choose the appropriate format once we have met our audience and know what it is that you need.

Content marketing services for companies

Content Strategy

A well-developed content strategy involves applying a series of techniques to meet the needs of your potential client at each moment of the Buyer’s Journey. With rigorous research, we will know in which phase is the person who goes to your website, what kind of content you need and how you should offer it. In this way, we will know how to recognize the material that will be useful to you. The purpose is to achieve as many conversions as possible and generate lasting links with customers.


Your blog is the way by which you attract qualified traffic to your website. It is the starting point for a suitable Content Marketing Strategy. It is essential to create content for each “stage” of the buyer’s journey, that is, if the buyer is in the stage of discovery of your brand, in the consideration or the decision. With articles and posts created for each of these stages, you will receive more visits to your website, convince your leads and keep your customers informed about your brand.

Copywriting and web content
Defining the editorial line of your website is essential. It will be the voice that calls for action, or call-to-action. Both the texts, as well as the images and videos that appear on your website will be the ones that guide users to convert them into leads and clients.


Off-line content

Many times there is seducing your buyer persona with content that is not digital. In Switzerland, 50% of the people who receive paper content in their postbox visit the website of the brand in question. Once you have identified the type of potential client and knowing what stage you are in, we will create useful content that to attract people to your web page. From catalogs, brochures, flyers, or promotion cards.

Creating content for your company is attracting and turning your prospects into Leads. Write to us if you want us to help you.